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If you click "Edit", you can edit your information and change your username and password. Be sure to click “Edit employee” when you are done.

If you change your contact information, you must also call the office with the changes. Changes in CallSteward.com DO NOT automatically update your information in our other records.

Everyone was assigned the basic skills of stagehand. We are continuing to update skills. If you have certain skills not listed in your profile, or do not want to be assigned certain types of work, please update your skills so that dispatch can keep informed.

Please enable text messaging.
Text Set Up:
• Log in and go to “Preferences”
• Hit the Hyperlink on the left side “enable”
• A prompt will ask you to enter your cell phone number. The program will send to your cell phone a code that you enter. If you carrier is not on the list, contact the hall.

If you need assistance with the website please send an email to support@callsteward.com

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